Fix Scholarship Application Form

Study the SEP programme at GIBS in 2016

Well done... you are 50% closer to becoming a Fix Scholar! It is important that once you have read through the criteria and have completed the Fix Scholarship application you will also need to apply with GIBS here:


  • Student must be under 35
  • Student must have High School Qualification and working experience
  • Minimum of five years work experience
  • Good English language skills are necessity in order to actively participate in academic debate
  • We require a minimum of Matriculation certificate-level competence in Mathematics and skills in the use of a scientific or financial calculator. Competence in MS Word Excel, PowerPoint and a web browser.
  • Student must be able to maintain an academic average of 60% and higher
  • Student must supply two good references
  • Student must have entrepreneurial spirit
  • Student should be able to demonstrate a relatively trouble-free last few years. We all make mistakes, but if you are consistently inconsistent and your actions do not match up with your words, scholarship will be awarded to someone more deserving :-)
  • Student must demonstrate a genuine need for these funds
  • Other testing for student may include (but may not be limited to) presentations, interviews, business acumen tests, essays, and other general knowledge checks.
  • Most importantly we are seeking for an entrepreneur that:
  • Believes in their idea and mission
  • Is business savvy and recognises that he/she also has to eat
  • Talks less and implements more
  • Prioritises social change
  • Embodies leadership


  • Closing date for applications is: 30 November 2016. The winner will be announced early January 2017.
  • Please note that this is a scholarship for tuition only. The successful candidate will need to cover their transport and accommodation costs during the SEP programme.
  • For more detailed course information see: Social Entrepreneurship Programme (SEP)
  • or Suvera Dukhi on 011 771 4000 / 011 771 4205 if you have any queries
  • GIBS reserves the right not to award the scholarship.

Tell me more about the Social Entrepreneurship Course at GIBS?

The Social Entrepreneurship Programme is designed to provide social change-makers and entrepreneurs with the skills, creative thinking and networks needed to tackle the complex social and economic realities of the communities within which they work. This comprehensive, year-long Programme will equip you with the business skills needed to start or grow your organisation and maximise your impact. For more information visit:


Application Form

TIP: Keep this relevant to what you see in the world around you.
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TIP: demonstrate work that you’re actively doing and the effect that it is having.
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TIP: Include here your academic experience and commitment to social enterprise.
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